Display. Whiteboard. Videoconference hub.


Ultra HD Display - show presentations, videos and anything else you can display on your lap top on the app IT in sharp Ultra HD resolution.

Your guests can contribute from anywhere.

Writing on the display with digital pens is as easy as paper.  Anyone you invite, up to 250 worldwide, can see and contribute to everything on the display using their devices.

How does it work?

You can touch, write, swipe, control the display with your hands.

Save and organise notes on your devices. Send as PDF's or JPEG's.

Protect sensitive documents with encrypted connections.

The panoramic whiteboard scrolls left to right, giving you more room to work.

Instant access to the internet with built in web browser.

Share content on the display over the same WiFi network from a variety of personal devices.

Connect a PC or other multimedia device to the display.


To start:

Connect the  app and connect your device to the Kapp iQ

Invite others to contribute by sending the web address

Start writing.  Your group will follow and contribute on their own devices

Tap to save notes, erase and repeat

Email notes when you're done

Continue any session where you left off.